Now is the time! Increase Sales by Training Temp Staff ~Retail Store Sales Training~

This COVID-19 crisis has brought a lot of trouble around the world, which is far more than we all have expected, casting a shadow of uncertainty to many of us.
However without a doubt, the new drug will be developed and the things will return to normal.
We must do what we can meanwhile for the day we return to our busy lives.
Let’s take this time as an opportunity to strengthen the training.

We want to take this opportunity to inform the importance of the role of temp staff and why proper training will lead to increase in sales.
These days, regardless of the store sizes, the full-time employee is swamped with paperwork and let the temp staffs take over the floor to serve customers.
It should be the full-time employee, who is a professional, out on the floor serving customers but it is difficult for temp staff, who only comes in once in a while, to handle important paperwork. Having said this, the temp staff training is becoming essential.
To begin with, many companies do not give proper training to temp staffs.
Let’s start from learning the reasons for applying for the position.
The training method changes depending on those reasons.
There are continuous lack of manpower everywhere these days, could use any extra pair of hands that they can get hold of.
It is possible to increase sales by properly training the temp staff.
Depending on the trainings, the temp staff could become full-time, and they could also become more capable than the full-times.

Wants to pursue the career in fashion apparel field?

Finding the particular brand attractive?
Explain the career steps in detail.
How you get the raise, what you have to do to climb up the ladder.
Give study method guidance.
The above will bring up the motivated temp staff.

Work only for money

Certainly Not!!
Providing the environment to learn will lead to interesting and enjoyable working place.
Having the feeling that he/she is learning something every day is important; it could be a small thing.
“Express gratitude in words” carries a very essential part! Being thanked and appreciated for doing something is very rewarding and has positive effects. Do not take it for granted, thank them!
The pleasant workplace is a place with overflowing gratitude.

In any case, give gratitude and training to staffs working hard!

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